Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This year we have moved into a new house and everyone finally gets to have their own rooms. We were all very excited to get a house. All the girls will be going to new schools this year. Kaylee ended last year with a bang by getting straight A's, although she had A's & B's the rest of the year. She will be going into 7th grade and is soooo excited to be in Junior High. Not to mention that she gets to be in Junior High this year with her favorite cousin Nick. Ashlyn had pretty good grades last year also however she got straight A's in the 3rd quarter. She had A's & B's the rest of the year anyway. She will be going into 5th grade this year and is really excited that she finally gets to play an instrument. She is going to play the viola. She really hopes that she can also play soccer again. She is really great at soccer. Courtney had a really good report card although she does not receive letter grades yet. Her teacher always said how great she was to have in class. She will be going into 2nd grade this year and is always excited to start school. Katelyn just turned 2 years old this year and is quite a little devil in an angels body. She can be just as sweet as candy and then get into so much trouble. She seems to get into everything as two year olds usually do. All of us love her so much anyhow! We all have been pretty busy this year so far and hope that everything will stay good for all of us.

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